How to actually study smarter, not harder?

Learn by testing. Generate quizzes from any text or for any subject

According to users, 30 minutes with Testudy are worth 3 hours of traditional studying

How it works

Generate accurate tests on any topic

  • Testudy Process
  • Choose test type

    You can generate tests from study texts or just enter the subject. Two algorithms, Plato and Socrates, will generate questions and answer options.

  • Wait 20-50 seconds

    The test will be ready in a minute. Press Refresh to check if the test is ready.

  • Pass the test and check your result

    Testudy supports Open-ended questions and Multiple Choice questions. After each test, you can review your performance.


Happy users


Tests passed

How to use Testudy

Increase the efficiency of Testudy by using it right

Share tests with friends

Studying together is fun and more memorable. Testudy allows users to share their tests to study the same thing.

Prime yourself before studying

Generate tests on the topics that you are planning to study to highlight the important parts. When you’ll be going through your reading, you’ll be acquainted with the key facts.

Learn in 20+ languages

Testudy supports English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.

Prepare for exams

Testudy is the tool for preparing for standardized testing. Such tests require not only understanding of material but also the skill of testing itself. By turning all your study material into tests, you increase testing proficiency.

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How To Create Your First Testudy Quiz

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Testudy users say the tool helps to memorize better and makes learning a lot more fun

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