Testudy is a simple but powerful study assitant. It's very easy to get the hang of the process.

Yes, it can be used for free. Testudy has a free plan - you can make 100 questions for free. To use Testudy with no limits, upgrade to Premium.

Testudy is an automated test generator that creates tests and flashcards from any reading material. We use AI to process your text and come up with the most relevant questions. With Testudy, any passive reading is converted to an active form. So, you can retain better and learn faster.

Yes, Testudy algorithms are universal and work on all academic text. However, for better results we recommend not using texts with specialized characters (like math formulas) or visuals.

We use AI and NLP algorithms to look through the text and formulate questions and answer options.

Sure, we have a partnership program for educators and educational institutions. You can talk to our team to request a full offer on personalized terms.

Testudy method is an approach to studying that's based on constant testing. If normally tests are seen as a way to evaluate knowledge, we see tests as a learning instrument. It's been proven that students who tests themselves before (not just after!) studying the material, perform later much better. Also, we build Testudy for no-pressure studying - you can even pass tests when you are watching Netflix, if you don't feel like studying for real.

Anything really. Our testers studied medicine, law, finance, computer science, cybersecurity, and all reported increase in retention and motivation. There are some limitations though - Testudy doesn't process well texts with special symbols and images - so keep that in mind.

One pattern we observed in our tester community is that it takes time for Testudy method to work. If you stick to testing yourself at least 20 minutes per day, you'll definitely see results in about a month (at least according to our community experience).

Yes, our testers report significant increase in their test scoress and knwoeldge retention.

Yes, just upgrade your account to Premium and use Testudy whenever and wherever you want.

The premium version supports 50+ languages.